Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Hawaiian Massage

No this is not me, but I did thoroughly enjoy my massage (thanks Debz) and I hope you enjoyed yours too.....
I have to be honest and admit that one of the reasons I encouraged you to come along and train with me was so that we can swop treatments. Therapists should look after themselves as well as their clients and walk their walk, not just talk it.

Deeply relaxed muscles and heavenly scents - all I need now is a Pina Colada........  

Friday, 25 June 2010

Women of a Certain Age

It comes to us all eventually, when women of a certain age ( of which I have now become ) are asked to have a mammogram.
The mobile breast screening clinic pulls up in the car park of our local supermarket - a discreet distance from the shop door - and so in one easy visit, you can do the essential things in life, such as buying bread and milk and getting your boobs out for good measure...........

Sunday, 20 June 2010

Long Live the Bees

The Bees are back in town......
bee it ever so briefly, they are wild ones and made there home in the branches of a neighbours conifer that faces the street.
Within a very short while there were between 2000 to 3000 of them, determindly going out their buzziness.
The bee-keeper was called to provide a mobile hive to transport them to somewhere more appropriate so they could live in more suitable surroundings.

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

In the Doldrums

My medicine drum is in low spirits - quite literally in the doldrums, it's voice is all flat and not at all it's usual self.....
I have gently warmed it with the shamanic hairdryer and smudged it with sacred white sage to cleanse it.....
but I think the strings need tightening to pull it together.....
how simply my drum reflects my own disorderly life at the moment for I know that I need to get a grip of things too.

Saturday, 12 June 2010

The Cycle of Life

The cycle of life is forever turning and sometimes it becomes more apparent and clearer than at others.
The joy and delight that our son and daughter-in-law are now expecting their first child after 3yrs of fruitless trying......
And the sadness and tragedy of a friend's dear sister, who passed over suddenly and unexpectedly before reaching the age of 50, leaving a young son and daughter behind.....

Blessings upon all of them

Drowning in Clutter

I'm drowning in clutter
and must get a grip,
for the cost of this rubbish
could have paid for a trip,

to a place where I know
that I'd far rather be,
where the Kaikoura range
runs down to the sea,

Sun sparkles on water
that's home to the whales,
as they dive down deeply
with a flick of their tales,

but the mountains here
just consist of washing,
and the sound of the sea
Is a mop bucket sploshing,

So I'll save my dreams
for when there's more space,
and some order's restored
to this cluttered place.

Wednesday, 9 June 2010


I have just had my haircut and my curls have been combed through.
A wetcut would have tamed my tresses, but the drycut has given me an afro that any member from the cast of 'Hair' would be proud of...........

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Oven Roasted Veggies

The wonderful smell of roasted veggies and fresh thyme
has wafted through and permeated the house,
what an inviting and warming aroma to come home too....
Add some pasta and fresh pesto and a
glass full of something red or rose
Hmmm heavenly........

Summer Rain

It would be so nice to have sunshine today now that summer is here, to enjoy it's warmth and cheerful brightness.
So the summer rain makes us appreciate the sun all the more and refreshes everything that it falls upon by removing the layer of dust that hides the vibrant colours of nature.
Raindrops on roses so sweet that you can almost smell them from here.
Just like the plants, enjoy the rain......

Monday, 7 June 2010

Walking Meditation

There is no better way to do a Walking Meditation, than when you do it with the natural world all around you - wherever that may be - and you can feel the energy of the elements and nature surrounding you, it assists you to fully become a part of all that is around you, knowing that you are connected to the universal web of life and that is a simple and truly uplifting experience.

If you have never done a walking meditation before.......

Start by standing still and focus your mind to become aware of your body - how it feels to be inside your skin - take a series of deep breaths and slowly exhale each time - feel the air as it fills your lungs and is slowly released by them - and notice the rise and fall of the rib cage.

As you slowly begin to walk forward - feel the way that your heel cushions your weight as it makes contact with the ground and notice how firm that contact is.

Feel the stretch in the sole of your foot as it rocks the foot forward to the ball of the foot -and the way that the toes spread your weight and balance you - notice how the ball of the foot now pushes down against the ground to propel you forward.

Become aware of the ankle joint as it flexes and allows the foot to move in its own series of movements - allow the ankle to become even more loose and flexible

Then moving up the leg become aware of the knee and the way that it bends and brings the lower leg forward to take another step - allow the knee to become relaxed and fluid in its movements.

Focus on the way the thigh rolls forward from the hip joint - swinging the entire lower leg forward - allow the hips and thighs to swing and roll together like a ship on the waves - allowing total freedom of movement in them.

Allow you spine to support your upper body in a relaxed way - that moves with the body in harmony - allowing the individual vertebrae move with more flexibility

Focus on your shoulders -by dropping and releasing them - to allow the arms and elbows to swing easily forward alternately - in a movement and motion that is fully relaxed - or maybe you need to lean your shoulders back slightly if they tend to droop forward - allowing your rib cage more room to take deeper breaths

Allow your head to sit comfortably on your neck, lowering your chin slightly and allow the face and jaw to feel loose - allowing it all to move with the rest of your body - so that nowhere is held stiffly - every part of your body is relaxed and moving in harmony with itself.

Continue to walk in this way until you no longer have to think about how to do it - just simply enjoy it instead.............

It may feel a bit strange at first, almost like a silly way of walking with exaggerated movements in the hip and shoulders - more like a rolling swagger than walking.

But you will find that it is uplifting and energizing and so much more powerful when done in the natural world


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