Monday, 7 June 2010

Walking Meditation

There is no better way to do a Walking Meditation, than when you do it with the natural world all around you - wherever that may be - and you can feel the energy of the elements and nature surrounding you, it assists you to fully become a part of all that is around you, knowing that you are connected to the universal web of life and that is a simple and truly uplifting experience.

If you have never done a walking meditation before.......

Start by standing still and focus your mind to become aware of your body - how it feels to be inside your skin - take a series of deep breaths and slowly exhale each time - feel the air as it fills your lungs and is slowly released by them - and notice the rise and fall of the rib cage.

As you slowly begin to walk forward - feel the way that your heel cushions your weight as it makes contact with the ground and notice how firm that contact is.

Feel the stretch in the sole of your foot as it rocks the foot forward to the ball of the foot -and the way that the toes spread your weight and balance you - notice how the ball of the foot now pushes down against the ground to propel you forward.

Become aware of the ankle joint as it flexes and allows the foot to move in its own series of movements - allow the ankle to become even more loose and flexible

Then moving up the leg become aware of the knee and the way that it bends and brings the lower leg forward to take another step - allow the knee to become relaxed and fluid in its movements.

Focus on the way the thigh rolls forward from the hip joint - swinging the entire lower leg forward - allow the hips and thighs to swing and roll together like a ship on the waves - allowing total freedom of movement in them.

Allow you spine to support your upper body in a relaxed way - that moves with the body in harmony - allowing the individual vertebrae move with more flexibility

Focus on your shoulders -by dropping and releasing them - to allow the arms and elbows to swing easily forward alternately - in a movement and motion that is fully relaxed - or maybe you need to lean your shoulders back slightly if they tend to droop forward - allowing your rib cage more room to take deeper breaths

Allow your head to sit comfortably on your neck, lowering your chin slightly and allow the face and jaw to feel loose - allowing it all to move with the rest of your body - so that nowhere is held stiffly - every part of your body is relaxed and moving in harmony with itself.

Continue to walk in this way until you no longer have to think about how to do it - just simply enjoy it instead.............

It may feel a bit strange at first, almost like a silly way of walking with exaggerated movements in the hip and shoulders - more like a rolling swagger than walking.

But you will find that it is uplifting and energizing and so much more powerful when done in the natural world


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