Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Blue Medicine Buddha

The Buddha Akshobhya, known as the Medicine Buddha is a very important part of Tibetan Medicine.
Tibetans believe the Medicine Buddha is so powerful, that the mention of his name or seeing an image of him has profound beneficial effects.
Tibetan doctors will start their day by chanting the medicine Buddha prayer or mantra over their medicines or patients.
The Medicine Buddha is acknowledged as an Enlightened being, with unbiased compassion for all living things. He protects against injury and illness and has the power to help eradicate Dis-ease.
He also is seen to represent the healing energy within ourselves and the universe as merging together in unity.
Simply ask the Medicine Buddha to assistance you with healing whenever you need that extra energy.


Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Milk Moon ~ Flower Moon

The Full Moon in May is called the Milk Moon, so called because of the abundance of milk after the livestock have given birth to their young. Also called the Full Flower Moon as plants begin to bloom in most areas of the Northern Hemisphere at this time. Other names include the Full Corn Planting Moon.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


May I introduce you to the Gnomes in my new blog entitled: Where Gnomes Go...
I have always had a deep fondness for Gnomes ever since I was a child, when I first encountered them in my Grandmothers garden.
Then quite a few years ago when I first watched 'Amelie' ~ which is now one of my favourite films ~ I thought the idea of a Globe~trotting Gnome, who sent photos of his travels to Amelie's Father ~ was an inspirational idea.

I wanted to adopt the notion and have some Gnomes comes and travel with me ~ or is it, that I am really travelling with them. Sadly, I never got round to doing it ~ and to whom would I share and send our pictures to in any case.
Has it really taken me all this time to realise that a blog of their very own would be the ideal solution.
So here they are, I realise they look similar, so I shall describe who is who by their coloured jackets: Ernest is in blue, Bernard is in Grey and Alan is in orange.
They have all been named after my Father~in~laws, who are sadly no longer with us.
I do hope you will follow our new blog and enjoy it as much as we will in writing it. 

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