Sunday, 15 August 2010

Fish Therapy

Last weekend at a festival in London, I just had to give this 'new' therapy a go. It was a very pleasant, light tickling sensation and I would most definitely have it again as my feet were left feeling very smooth and silky.

Garra Rufa is the name of the primary fish used in the spa treatment known as a fish pedicure, which involves the Garra Rufa fish nibbling at the dead skin to leave feet feeling soft and smooth.
Also known as Doctor Fish or Kangal Fish - named after the town in Turkey where the fish are found in abundance.
Garra Rufa fish are naturally found in the hot spring pools in Turkey, are a natural phenomenon which have for hundreds of years been used for the treatment of a number of ailments.

Dating as far back as the early nineteenth century, spa fish have been used to treat all manner of skin conditions including psoriasis and eczema. Other ailments such as muscle and joint conditions have also been treated using Garra Rufa Fish.

The fish only nibble the dead skin whilst leaving the good skin areas to grow untouched, which has been beneficial to a number of conditions. In addition to the medical benefits they are a novel and fun way to remove dead skin from feet in particular.

These ones must have been particularly hungry


  1. Just a fyi tidbit. Most states in the USA have banned these due to the inablity to sanitize the water you place your feet in. It made an appearence in the states real breifly. but it didn't last long. The state board regulators had a field day with it. I only know this because I am a nail tech.

  2. Before the treatment we were asked whether we had any of the obvious foot nasties, like fungal infections, verrucas, open cuts, etc and a very pleasant young man personally washed our feet in something first.
    But I do know what you mean about cross contamination.
    I wonder if they applied the same rules to public swimming baths and a nice young man could give me a little wipe over before entering the pool ?.........


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