Saturday, 18 December 2010

Oak Moon

Decembers Full Moon is known as the Oak Moon and to the Algonquin Indians it is known as the Cold Moon.

The Oak was sacred to the Druids, who revered it for it's strength, endurance and permanance as it solidly weathers the harshness of winter.
The Oak has a habit of being struck by lightning during storms and so it is frequently associated with the various Gods of thunder and lightening, including Zeus, Thor, Jupiter, and the Lithuanian God, Perkunas, where they are often depicted holding bolts of lightning and their hands.

The Oak was believed to protect those who sheltered beneath it, from being struck by lightning.
Oak Trees have also been associated with Herne of the Wild Hunt, in England, and Wodin, in Germany.
King Arthur's Round Table was reputedly made from a single slab from a giant Oak Tree.  

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