Tuesday, 3 May 2011


May I introduce you to the Gnomes in my new blog entitled: Where Gnomes Go...
I have always had a deep fondness for Gnomes ever since I was a child, when I first encountered them in my Grandmothers garden.
Then quite a few years ago when I first watched 'Amelie' ~ which is now one of my favourite films ~ I thought the idea of a Globe~trotting Gnome, who sent photos of his travels to Amelie's Father ~ was an inspirational idea.

I wanted to adopt the notion and have some Gnomes comes and travel with me ~ or is it, that I am really travelling with them. Sadly, I never got round to doing it ~ and to whom would I share and send our pictures to in any case.
Has it really taken me all this time to realise that a blog of their very own would be the ideal solution.
So here they are, I realise they look similar, so I shall describe who is who by their coloured jackets: Ernest is in blue, Bernard is in Grey and Alan is in orange.
They have all been named after my Father~in~laws, who are sadly no longer with us.
I do hope you will follow our new blog and enjoy it as much as we will in writing it. 

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