Thursday, 21 October 2010

Full Moon ( Hunter's Moon ) - well almost

It is said that the energies of the Full Moon are at their most potent on the night that it first appears in the sky ( assuming there is no cloud ) but in practice, the full moon energies are powerful for 24 hours before it arrives and also during the week of it's visit.

This October's Full Moon is the Hunter's Moon, so named because plenty of moonlight is ideal for hunters shooting migrating birds in Northern Europe. The name is also said to have been used by Native Americans as they tracked and killed their prey by autumn moonlight, stockpiling food for the winter ahead.

Use the Full Moon energy to Focus on :

Fulfilling an Immediate Need,
Boosting your Power or Courage Right Now,
Asking For Promotion or Attending a Major Interview
Actually Changing Career or Location,
Moving House,

Leave for a Major Trip or Long Distance Travel to Minimise Delays and Ease any Regrets at Leaving 

Raising a Large Sum of Money that is Urgently Needed,
Healing Acute Medical Conditions,
Protecting Yourself Emotionally and Psychically from Malice,
Making a Permanent Love Commitment by Marriage

Consummating Love and Conceiving a Child
Having those Make or Break Discussions in Relationships that are Shaky, to
Resolve them Either Way, 
Initiating Action for Justice and Fairness, whether Legal or
by Putting Things Right Yourself,
Taking Major Steps Towards Fulfilling an Ambition or Dream,

Because the Full Moon can cause restlessness, it is important to channel your natural desire for change and action to avoid irritability tipping over into bad temper or making changes for chnages sake.
If discussing relationship issues, set boundaries and avoid recriminations and pointing the finger of blame.

Do something decisive and positive by using the Full Moon's energy to carry you forward on the crest of it's wave. If there is something you want to get rid of, use the days after the full moon as they are still very potent to carry you on the tide of change.

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