Sunday, 31 October 2010


From Oct 31st to November 2nd is the festival of Samhain ( pronounced Sow-en ) and is the beginning of the Celtic winter and the Celtic New Year.
The word Samhain, means summer's end, the time when the flocks and herds are brought back from their summer pastures and like-wise it is believed that the ancestors will return and be welcomed at the family hearth.

Animals would be slaughtered for the harsh winter to come or cleansed ritually by the Halloween fires before being stabled in barns.
Now is the time for the Goddess to leave her creation for three days and this is when the otherworld releases fairies and mischievous spirits as well as the benign family ancestors, for it is now that the veil that seperates these two worlds is at it's thinnest.

The focus of this time is upon remembering those family ancestors, for looking back to the past and also forward to the future.
A time for over-coming fears, especially those concerning ageing and mortality, for releasing the past and the hurts that reside there and also the need for control that only serves to restrict you.

An opportunity to use divination to see what the future may hold.


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