Friday, 29 October 2010

Waning Moon

The Moon's Waning period lasts until the waning cresent disappears from the sky as it's energies decrease and wind down.
Now is the time to focus on :

Removing obstacles that hamper success and happiness,
Lessening negative influences,
Reduce the hold of addictions and compulsions,

Banishing negative thoughts, grief, guilt, anxiety and destructive anger,
Removing pain and sickness with postive actions and thoughts,

Protection against the envy and malice of others,
Ending Relationships Gently,

Seek advice if you have financial worries, so that you have a plan to put into action when the waxing moon returns.
During the time of every waning moon, give up something, no matter how small, that you no longer want in your life - whether it be an activity or person that no longer enhances your life - Work towards releasing yourself from fears and obstacles that hold you back. The patience and effort you spend doing this will be rewarded by freeing up space and time in your life to take up new things that keep the cycle of your life fresh and open.


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